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Personal- & duo-training

Whatever your goals are, we will work towards it with full focus and fun. As input for my sessions, I combine the latest input from science with practical experience coming from a never ending search for movement- and training disciplines. No nonsense proven principles will be mixed with experimental discoveries to create the most efficient and exciting training. The constant overlapping pillars are bodycomposition, strength, mobility and movement. Sessions will take place at STAETSGEHEIM, a spacious, sunny and serene training studio, located directly at a channel, where only sessions on appointment can be done.

  • Natural and healthy esthetics by losing fat, gaining lean, athletic musclemass and/or increasing muscledefinition.

  • Strength is the stable anchor of a human body. We will work with- and certainly without weights aswell, as in only bodyweight. Without proper mobility strength is pretty useless and can even harm. A strong and flexibel body functions best.

  • In my definition good movement means moving as humans are supposed to move. Think of increasing physical intelligence through qualitative, focussed movements that fit individual anatomy. The further you get the higher your state of flow will be; unconsciously intelligent, self-organising, interactive, physical control.

  • Sessions will be taught by me. Though, If you and I can't find a time slot, then experienced and educated trainers, that coach through my method, will be teaching instead. I will do the intake session with you and will determine together with the trainer how your journey should look like. The sessions will be supervised by me to make sure you are making the progress that you are seeking for.

Coen Koch

I have been living sports and movement in general all of my life. As a little kid I did competitive swimming, picked up my big love waterpolo and started playing professional level as a teenager. For my club PSV Eindhoven I played several european cups and I have also represented my country, The Netherlands (under 21 years old).

When I started to travel the world after my waterpolo career and studies, at the age of 25, I got hit by a car. The hit was so hard, that the clip of the helmet cut my neck open and I suffered two brain bleedings. I don't remember a thing, but luckily the cut just missed my artory.

From the moment I came back to The Netherlands I suffered from disorientation, emotional problems, concentration- and other mental issues and I was losing all muscles around my left shoulderblade because my nerves were damaged aswell. All in all a very difficult period in my life. Luckily I got great guidance from mental- and physical health professionals and so after half a year I started picking up life as usual.

First thing I did was going back to my number 1 passion: sports. We know about all the advantages of movement and one of these is the release of the hapiness hormones. The other advantage was getting physically stronger and getting the neural signals back around my shoulderblade, so my muscles would grow back. Another pro, maybe even more important, is that my training and complex movements had massive advantages for the development and rewiring of my brains.

And so I recovered fully, regained my confidence and took my first serious job as an accountmanager. I wanted to prove to myself and others that I could do it. It was not going to take long though, because I had far too much physical energy to be sitting behind a desk or in a car and I should be pursuing my physical talents and understanding and use that for a profession.

Again I went back to my roots, picked up training hard and started studying several international top personal training educations, I learned from all kinds of movement professionals and started to work as an outdoor private and corporate grouptrainer for my outdoor company CAVEMAN®; crawling like animals, lifting logs, climbing trees, all in all moving naturally as humans have been doing for centuries.

While doing this I also started my personal training career, being an intern at the first personal training studio in Amsterdam, while building my own clientele elsewhere. In the meantime I have been putting myself in challenging situations by learning totally new sports and movement practices. Think of gymnastics, calisthenics and olympic weightlifting. On the age of 33 I started playing rugby and Brazilian jiu jitsu. After doing this for a couple of years I fully immersed myself in bouldering.

Nowadays I feel stronger than ever and keep on traveling and learning from the best in their fields.

Let me listen to your life and explain me your physical challenges, so I can use my experience to support you towards your greatness.

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– Master Sc. | Social Sciences – Leisure Studies | Tilburg University
– Cert. Mylogenics - Activation, Rehab & Release | Overload (Bleiswijk)
– Cert. Performance Specialist (L2) | Poliquin (Aarhus)
– Workshop | Fighting Monkey (Antwerp)
– Cert. Advanced Correctives (L2)| Functional Movement Systems (Laren)
– 'Evolve Move Play' seminar | Rafe Kelley (Amsterdam)
– Cert. FRC Mobility Specialist (FRCms) | Functional Range Conditioning (Antwerp)
– 'Movement sessions' internship & 'Corset' workshop | Ido Portal (Berlin & Amsterdam)
– Bodyweight Seminar | Gold Medal Bodies (Driebergen)
– Cert. trainer Natural Movement | MovNat (Paris)

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